Saturday, December 04, 2004


I bought Tasty because I became an admirer of Kelis after her first CD Kaleidoscope. She's also done some great singing on other people's songs too. She has a deeper, less perfect but pleasing voice. And she has a individuality that I admire.

As far as Tasty, I think this is a great CD. It's funny how people talk trash about stuff. The first single "Milkshake" is a good song but as always with singles, it's far from the best song on the record. My favorites are "Trick Me", "Flashback", "Millionaire," and "Protect My Heart." I know that there are better singers out there but I like the vocal expression that Kelis does. The music is cool, and I think the composition of the songs and production value are excellent. I'm not crazy about "In Public" because I think it's kind of nasty. I don't usually like overtly vulgar type of songs. I do like slyly sexual songs. I think that this one definitely one of the best of 2004. I liked Kelis before this album, but I love her now. I think she's a talented woman and will go far with her career.


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