Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Don't You Just Hate When People Ask You What Your Theme Song Is?

It's such a malleable thing. There is not one song that perfectly describes me or my like. There are songs that act like a crutch for me to make it through. I do have to say that right now "1 Thing" by Amerie is definitely hitting the spot. I hear it, it makes me dance, gives me a false sense of euphoria, and makes me want to shake my groove thing.
Most of the time I'm really feeling the whole "I'm British, or I Want To Be, and Besides, I'm Pretty Depressed." What groups fall in that category, you ask? Or another way of putting the question is, what groups do I have to reach for because they put me in that frame of mind?
Lets see:
1.Keane--you probably know them from the Victoria's Secret commercial. "The End of Everything."
2.Coldplay--they vary from 'why does life suck' to 'it's gonna be alright.' I like that about them. "Shiver," "Clocks", "Trouble", "Don't Panic", "Green Eyes", which is pretty much country but let me preface this by saying I don't like country music.
3.Gene--they fell into the late 50s, early 60s beatnik club, and never found their way out quite, but I love them for it. I could listen to their song, "From Georgia To Osaka" twenty times a day.
4.Elbow--very strange but beautiful songs. I admit I haven't learned the names of any of their songs yet. Sorry.
5.Doves--bordering on electronica, which I happen to love. They have lovely songs titles like "M26", and "Northenden". I saw "Catch The Sun" on MTV2 back when they played more then just heavy metal/goth and hip hop and had to buy their "Lost Souls" CD.
6.Muse--they are harder rock then I usually prefer. But I love that song "Hysteria." The lead singer does the whole Jeff Buckley wailing thing that I adore.
7.The Stills--gosh I have no idea if they're British or not. But I'm loving "Fevered," "Gender Bombs," and "Love and Death," off their "Logic Will Break Your Heart CD.
8.Travis--very folksy, soft rockish alternative music. They got my attention with "Sing," which has the banjo sound. Normally I hate Banjo but it sort of works in this song. I love love love "Last Train" although the second verse is somewhat disturbing. "If it's all the same to you, here's what I'm going to do...I'm gonna buy a gun..shoot everything, everyone. And then I'll come for you..for it was you that drove me to...This could be the last train." I know, kind of scary but soo beautiful.
Strangely enough, if you're new to the whole Nouveau British Invasion sound, I definitely recommend picking up the Roswell Soundtrack. It's a great sampler for that sound, featuring The Doves, Coldplay, Travis, and some other good ones. The OC soundtracks also have some good ones, although I don't want the show. Thankfully my friend hooked me up the soundtracks :)
I Think I Probably Fell Into An 80s Time Tunne1
I love that early 80s sound. If I hear a group that gets that sound, I'm there. Some of my favorites:
1.The Strokes--they have that song down pat. "Alone, Together" is a particular favorite.
2.The Killers--I wore that CD out. "Somebody Told Me," "On Top," "Midnight Show," and "Smile Like You Mean It," are my favorites on there.
3.Modest Mouse--"The Good Times Are Killing Me," is amazing to me. I can't say that's my life though. "Sail On" has such a great guitar motif.
4.Franz Ferdinand--Really good guitar. Unpronounceable sound names at times. This Scottish band is throwing their hat into the alternative rock scene.
The standards
Duran Duran is my all time favorite band so I keep a lot of their songs on rotation. I particularly love "Last Chance on The Stairway," "Union of the Snake," "My Antarctica".
Mandalay's "This Life" is in constant rotation both on my mix cds and also on my media player. It will never be deleted as a matter of fact.
Maria has a couple songs that I adore too: "Lonely" and "My Soul". Both beautiful ballads that really touch me.
Bronski Beat has an older song called "Small-town Boy" that I seemed to be obsessed with.
Depeche Mode's "Home," "Never Let Me Down Again," "Love Thieves" tend to be played on a regular basis. I also really like "World in My Eyes" too.
As far as instrumental, a piece from The Specialist Score from one of my favorite composers, John Barry, is a favorite too. "When Ray Meets May At The Church" is the name of it. It's about 2 and 1/2 minutes, short and sweet and pretty.
My girl Kelis hits the spot with "Trick Me," "Flashback," "Protect My Heart" from her Tasty CD.
Then there's Beyonce' and her early Destiny's Child endeavors. I love to hear "Signs", Beyonce's collaboration with Missy Elliot about different horoscope signs and their relationship potential. I adore "Confessions" another Missy collab from Destiny's Child second and best CD "The Writing is On The Wall." That is a great, great song and I can listen to it two, three times a day at least.
If I had to pin down a song or two that tells me how I should be:
"Serious" by Duran Duran
"Not The Same" by Crystal Lewis--A Christian song that talks about how Jesus changes us for the better.

But I do have to say that the Dandy Warhol's "You Were The Last High," definitely could win the award for the most overplayed song in my collection, followed by "From Georgia To Osaka" by Gene as mentioned earlier.

As you can see it's hard to say that I have a theme song. But definitely I do have a soundtrack of sorts to get me through the days.


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