Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Music To Write To Part II

I told you I'd think of other songs, didn't I?

Here are some more

I must give a shout out to Coldplay's newest CD X&Y. Practically the whole CD puts me in the zone. Just beautiful music, you know!

So here's Writing CD part II
1.Kean--We Might As Well Be Strangers (What a lush beautiful song. It's the regret of love lost from a guy's perspective. They have grown apart and he can't deal with it).
2.Lacuna Coil--Comalies (My sister and friend who are into goth-metal got me into this song. It has the beautiful voice of a woman over a rock/synth beat that is just so very good. The song seems to say don't give up on us to me.)
3.Midnight Show--Killers (They're on the road, about to stir up some trouble, possibly of the sexual kind :)
4.The Bravery--No Breaks (another early 80s time warp band. Excellent. If you want me, it's cool but I'm not compromising on who I am).
5.They Say Vision--Res (not sure what it's about but it inspires me to write. I listened to this song about 30 times in one day, I kid you not. And finally my mom asks, "Are you going to listen to that again?" I was waiting for her to do it and she actually showed some great restraint.
6.How Do You Mend a Broken Heart--Al Green. (The man is like one of the most romantic souls on earth. Okay I know that the Bee Gees wrote this song. But the way Al sings it is so delicious and so full of pain. His regret is palpable and poignant. I have never been in love, hence I haven't had my heart broken in a romantic sense. I have had a dream broken and that pain is what I think Al conveys in this song. This would have to be a very low moment in a story of mine.)
7.We Belong Together--Mariah (This is The Wentworth Song as in Wentworth Miller, perfection! You might know him from Prison Break. Between visions of his loveliness in the videos and the beautiful way this song is sung by Mariah, it has made it's way into my creative consciousness. She wants to be with him. That's all she wants! And the knowledge that she can't is killing her.)
8.Warning Sign--Coldplay (I know you're probably thinking "not again!" Well I'm sorry but this song is so gorgeous. He misses her so much! He sees her in his mind and he wants to be with her. He regrets that things fell apart. I try to forget that they played this when Buffy got all skanky with the jailbait on "Him". How dare they funk up my song that way!
9.Love Comes Tumbling--U2 (classic post-modern 80s deliciousness. Bono's talking about love and I'm feeling it.)
10.Lemon-U2 (love this song. Sexy and also at the same time experimental and different. The woman has made an impression on him. And he can't get her out of his head. I can picture my hero thinking and thinking about his woman. His brain can't forget her.)
11.Protect My Heart-Kelis (she doesn't want to fall in love. This is a modern woman who knows what she's about. She knows the games that guys play. But against love there is no defense.
12.Goodbye is Forever-Arcadia (one of Duran Duran's splinter projects singing about when you have to let go of someone and facing that moment where you know that what you had is a memory from now on).
13.I'm Going Down-Mary J. Blige (Time on my hands since you went away boy. ...Feel the tears falling from my eyes..oh baby. I'm going down... Nobody sings it like Mary! )
14.32 Flavors--Alana Davis (this is an Ani DeFranco song, I know. But I heard Alana's version first. This woman is declaring that she's happy with who she is and not about to change. I picture the credits coming up and a woman's riding in her car with the top down. She crosses a bridge over water. She's free of other's expectations and criticisms of herself.
14. Alone. Together--The Strokes ( This song casts a spell. He's wooing her with remarkable skill..In his very Generation X kinda way. This is modern love.)
15.Get Mine..Get Yours--Christina Aguilera (I don't write this kind of smut..Just kidding. This is strictly a booty call song. But so well done. I picture a woman freaking on the dancefloor with a guy. Tobey Maguire comes to mind since I heard a rumor that they did the horizontal tango once. He's known to be a player, by the way. He knows the score. So does she. Again, not up my alley. But what if someone thought they could just have sex, but ended up falling in love? Maybe.
You're gonna laugh. But I love these sappy 70s songs.
16.I'm Not in Love--10 cc. (This chap is in denial. I can see a hero going through this spiel in his head. Knowing deep down that he doesn't buy it.)
17.Hello It's Me--Todd Rungren (He wants a woman who he thinks can have a better guy then him, but that doesn't stop him from trying to woo her. "Think of me.")
and then there's
18.Impossibility--Remy Zero (very short but memorable song. It's dramatic and building, and reminds you of a climactic moment. I can see a character in transition, dealing with the reality of his situation).
19.The Worst Way--Essence (a woman knows that this man is a dangerous obsession but she's not willing to walk away).
20.Love is The Price We Pay--Essence (She's reflecting on the fact that her love is her chain to that person who has her heart).
21.Dark Angel--Essence (The heroine loves a mad, bad, and dangerous to know fellow. Perhaps a spy who might be on the wrong side of the game).
22.Up All Night--Razoright (This sound just seems to have an undercurrent of sadness, searching and longing that's very fruitful for my imagination. I love the way the music (the guitar builds up along with the singer's voice).

Okay, I admit I'm an unrepentant sap. I think I was born to write romance because I'm am just so on that wavelength.

Look for more...and I'll probably have a list of songs like the Dandy Warhols that are completely linked to movie moments and tv. Veronica Mars theme song comes to mind....


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