Sunday, January 15, 2006

Jason Mraz in Concert

My friend had the opportunity to attend a Jason Mraz concert last night. I liked his music and his persona. He seems like a very down to earth, cheerful, talented soul. I have his first CD
Waiting for the Rocket to Come, which I bought because I like male singer/guitar players. It was very good with some fun, inventive lyrics and vocal stylings, excellent guitar playing, and passion-infused songs. So I said sure, I'd love to go. It turned out to be a great decision. He was wonderful in concert. All the things I liked about him were multiplied in concert. Jason has a beautiful voice. It is sweet enough to sing in a church choir or a chorus of heavenly angels. His guitar playing is melodic, able to induce toe-tapping and swaying, and powerful. Jason has the ability to improvise lyrics and syncopate like a jazz singer. He seems to go back and forth between genres with amazing ease. I truly believe that the same person could put out an R& B, Rap, Jazz, Alternative Rock, Gospel, and probably even Country album. Not only is Jason a consummate musician and singer, he has a wonderful personality, complete with self-deprecating humor. He knows how to please the crowd and keep them interested. And the crowd certainly loved him. He had women yelling out that they'd make pretty babies with him. He even had some male groupies in the audience. But after the hour or so long performance, I can see why he has such a loyal following. I love music. I always have. It really touches me on a personal level to go to a performance with an artist like Jason who gets music and loves it to the same degree, and seems to have it flowing freely from his soul. Jason was accompanied by his friend Marion who has the guitar-playing ability to remind one of a Spanish grandee or mariachi of old. He accompanied Jason beautifully, matching his delicate strokes to Jason's deeper, flowing chord-driven melodies. It was like a musical buffet, you came away filled but tempted to have more. In short, the whole experience was lovely, making me a life-long fan and on a much deeper level, of Jason Mraz. My advice to you is that if you love music, especially authentic, creative, intense vocal and guitar stylings, don't miss the opportunity to see Jason in concert.


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