Friday, September 26, 2008

Beyonce' in the Shower, Mary J. Blige in the Car

I love to sing. Am I good enough to make a career of? Probably not. It doesn't stop me from singing my heart out. I am a big time car and shower singer. Actually I sing around the house, in my office, etc. I even sing at work.

Why do I sing so much? It is therapeutic. I haven't done tests, but I think it must lover my blood pressure and calm me down. It releases pent-up emotions. I'm a tense person with no sex life, so I probably need a release. Also it keeps me awake on those long commutes. Do I get crazy looks from neighboring drivers? You bet. Do I care, no. I am having fun!

My favorites to sing along with:
Mary J. Blige
Erykah Badu
En Vogue
Sarah McLachlan
Duran Duran
Edison Glass
The Police
Crystal Lewis

I sing R&B, soul, pop, rock, alternative, you name it. I love karaoke. Of course I never go out, so I end up doing my own version of it. However, when we played Rock Band last Saturday, my favorite gig in the band was singing. These are the songs I sung:
Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden
When You Were Young by The Killers (I love this song)
Creep by Radiohead

I realized that singing for long periods can be very hard on the voice. I can see why musical artists get so exhausted. But yet, it is so exhilarating to sing.

So as much as I love singing, I know I don't have the chops or the outgoing nature to go on tour with a band. I think I would open my mouth and a terrible sounding croak would come out. But the shower, car, and various semi-private places, call me The Diva.
I encourage you, when you are having a bad day, open that mouth, turn on the radio, and sing, sing , sing!

Post in the comments and tell us whether you were Born to Sing, or not so much.


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